CORE50 offers many career advancement opportunities to support you on your journey. We look after our people and carry our values at the core of everything we do.  

Our Values


Do the right thing


Look for learning opportunitues


Put our people and their families first


Take your work seriously but find time for fun


Referral Programme

As one team member recently noted at a Health and Wellbeing workshop “Employ people with good positive energy”. By involving our team in the recruitment process, we are more likely to engage the right person for our company, so we have a formal incentive payments policy for our team if they recommend a successful recruit.

Competitive Benefits

Great remuneration! Chartership costs are covered by CORE50, annual membership and application costs. We have a friends and family discount, and study application process for higher learning.


We encourage individuality, pick your own work clothes, Core50 will brand and reimburse you the cost.


The CORE50 annual awards have prizes to reward the people who go the extra mile with our values.
These are voted by your colleagues (management do not have a vote):



‘Strengthening the Community’ (VISION), excellent communicators, make our clients feel cared for, always doing a quality job so that the company remains strong and can give back to the community and support local charities



Company vote for ‘best overall personality’ – that person that you love working with, they think about the next person down the line and make your work life better!



Keeping the company safe legislation wise (Integrity – doing what’s right) speaking up, ‘see it say it’, being a great role model, HS champion, “mean what you say but don’t be mean when you say it



Support learning either by mentoring or motivated self-development, actively seeking training and development in your field (learning/VISION)


We have a close team and a strong health and wellbeing culture, with an in house ‘HW Group’ ensuring activities are planned monthly.

We started to focus on this some years ago and it is now part of our DNA. This was very helpful over lockdowns as the team were already used to connection exercises and it was no drama to do these online. i.e., Make and ‘wear a crown to work’ day, online games, “tell us something we don’t know about you” 2 min talks etc.

Sports and social activities are strongly encouraged. Most months we have a CORE50 challenge, from physical ‘STEPtember’ through to mindful ‘Win the Morning’. Five social events are picked by the staff annually for each office, with partners and children welcomed, to ensure we meet our commitment of knowing each other’s families.

Shared lunches are regular, we have a huge selection of different themes for these lunches, and they are always a hit with the team. A mid-year and end of year function for the company are also annual events.

Learning and development

We support team members with higher education goals and are always looking for and booking quality training events. Senior personnel in the company are giving of their time to mentor and develop our graduates.

Our focus is now on developing our ‘in house’ training programme as our graduates are very motivated and soak up knowledge so quickly. They are passionate about learning, and we do everything we can to support them with this. Of particular interest is continued learning around

communication. This is vital to everything and as such as we have been providing company wide and one on one training in this area since 2016.