Finn’s Bistro & Beer Garden, Taupo

The Challenge

Finn’s Bistro & Beer Garden, a popular spot for Taupō locals and visitors alike, needed an engineered solution to cover their outdoor seating area for guests to enjoy the space come rain or shine. Core50 was contracted to bring their expertise to the design, working around the existing building structure and keeping disruption to a minimum so as not to affect the business trading. A unique retractable awning design was needed, working with aluminium – an uncommon structural material for our engineers, providing a further challenge.

The Process

A full review of the structural system for the louvres was needed. Most of the components involved were of aluminium, so research was needed into the material standard and its use in structural designs, and communication with the manufacturer to determine the properties of the parts and components used.

Our engineers also made designs to check the capacity of the rafters, the louvres’ supporting column, and the foundational support for the structure. Working with the complexities of the component shapes also provided a challenge, so we requested and utilised section properties from the manufacturers to simplify the process.

The Results

Our engineers were most happy with the design review process, being well coordinated with the information provided by the manufacturer. One standout feature of the awning was the automatic wind sensor that opens the louvres up when wind speeds reach a certain limit, helping to reduce loads on the system and prevent unnecessary damage occurring. Feedback from guests was that they were happy to be able to sit outside for a drink and enjoy the fresh air outside in the shade on a hot sunny day!