Earthquake Assessment

Comprehensive Seismic Assessments

If you own an earthquake-prone building, you are required to undergo seismic strengthening work to increase the %NBA rating.

Our comprehensive seismic assessments are set by the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering with a thorough process to evaluate your building.

We treat these as high priority. A thorough process is conducted to evaluate your building based on a comprehensive seismic assessment set by the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering. These are driven by banks, purchasers and tenants (particularly government departments).


  • An Initial Seismic Assessment (ISA) includes an IEP (Initial Evaluation Procedure).
  • The IEP is a generic process governed by the date of construction of the building.
  • The earlier the construction, the worse it gets, the %NBS is likely lessened.
  • It is probable that the IEP for a building constructed prior to 1976 will be less then 33%NBS and a written report may not be worth completing unless required as proof to satisfy bankers/insurers etc.
  • There are also issues depending on what the construction actually is and its condition.
  • If the client wants to keep the building and prove its worth if constructed prior to 1976 or thereabouts, they will need to do a DSA (Detailed Seismic Assessment) and determine if strengthening is required.
  • A DSA usually means we design the building again using known elements and determine those that need strengthening.
  • To make it more complicated the government only require buildings to meet 33% of the current codes of practice of 33%NBS (New Building Standard) to be acceptable. Banks usually require 67%NBS.

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