Soil Testing


Our experts at CORE50 are dedicated to delivering a safe, high quality, and efficient site investigation on your next project.

We Manage

  • Soil testing and reporting as required by councils for subdivision approval; confirming that a lot is suitable for construction
  • Site specific reports to confirm whether a proposed building platform is “good ground” as defined in NZS3604 and appropriate for construction in accordance with this code. Where the soils do not meet these standards, the information gathered may be used to design specific foundations or ground improvement.
  • Infiltration testing to determine the permeability of soils for design of on site stormwater disposal as required by councils.

Are you planning a new build or looking to subdivide your section?

Assessing your site's soil is essential to determine whether a lot is suitable for construction. Core50 ensures the soil on your property provides an adequate base to accommodate your proposed structure.

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